The new building will be lifted off the ground on a series of natural timber stilts that will place it on top of the St Matthew’s Centre and the existing car park. The main body of the building, at three floors with an additional set back roof level storey, will sit comfortably within the natural setting of the surrounding dense tree canopy. The existing ugly plant on the St Matthew’s Centre roof will be removed.

This view from the corner of York Street and New Street shows how the building is shrouded by the surrounding dense tree canopy. The building itself is raised off the ground by approximately 6.5 metres, with the height from ground level to the top of the main floors 16.5 metres and to the top point of the rooftop pods 19.7 metres. The trees surrounding the site are 25-28 metres high, so the new building will be 5 – 11.5 metres below the height of the trees surrounding the site.

All the trees along Sturton Street and York Street will be preserved, whilst two of the younger London Plane trees on New Street will be removed to create a new street frontage.

Eastern elevation
This plan shows the eastern elevation. Looking from York Street, you can see the high-quality materials planned for the new building, including terracotta detailing that is arranged to create a ‘nest’ effect. 
Western elevation
This plan looking from Sturton Street illustrates the relationship between the existing building and the new building which is lifted off the ground on a series of natural timber stilts.
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